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Cars on Demand are the UK's leading provider of Short Term Flexible Car Contract Hire & Leases & Long Term Hire of cars and light commercial vehicles, servicing both the business and private customer. Short term leasing / long term hire is the most cost effective way of sourcing vehicles for periods of 1 to 24 months, and fills the void between daily rental, long term leasing or purchasing outright. We offer fleet operators, small businesses and large corporates the ability to adapt their fleet to meet changing circumstances.

  • Use of our vehicles

    All vehicles must be operated in line with the relevant manufacturers guidelines and instructions. Vehicles are supplied with instruction manuals / handbooks or the relevant instuction manuals may be found on line. 

    It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that they have completely familiarised themselves with the operating instructions for any vehicle we supply, and are aware of the limitiations of any driving aids / safety systems and the overall safe operation of the vehicle.


  • Short Term Leasing / Long term Hire Explained

    Short Term leasing / long term Hire & our Car subscription service is very similar to any other form of vehicle hire / contract hire, it is just more flexible and allows companies or individuals to have access to a new car every 1 to 24 months, without the risk of being tied into long term contracts. It is the ultimate way of sourcing transport for new starters, contract work, pre delivery of a new car, replacing pool cars and is a cost effective alternative to other traditional ways of sourcing cars & vans.

    We have several options:

    1/3/6 Month Leasing - hire a car from a minimum 28 days, arrange your own insurance, and extend at the end of each period as required.

    Mid Term - 6 to 12 months and Long Term 12 - 18 months hire - These are fixed term contracts, with a choice of cars from our extensive stock lists. A wide range of short term lease hires are available with terms of 6 months to 18 months.

    Special Offers - Choose a make and model from our special offer list, and commit to the period of the lease hire, normally between 6 and 12 months.

    All prices displayed EXCLUDE VAT and Insurance unless otherwise stated.

    Please note, we do not offer any form of vehicle finance, all of our products are hire agreements for a pre determined duration, there are no interest charges with the hire agreement nor is there any option to purchase our vehicles at the end of the hire. 

    It is the responsibility of the hirer to familiarise themselves with the safe operation of any vehicle supplied and always ensure the handbook / owner manual is read and understood prior to driving the car. 

  • Delivery / Collection

    We can arrange Delivery and Collection Nationwide from any of our UK & Ireland Locations. Please Contact Us for a quotation.

    Please note, the delivery and collection cost is for the cost of fuel and driver hours to deliver the car to you. It does not cover the mileage used, therefore the start mileage and end mileage of the contracted mileage is recorded from the point of leaving the delivery location and the point of return to the collection location. Many of our vehicles are fitted with tracking / telematics devices to record mileage and vehicle location etc. 

  • Insurance & Repairs

    1/3/6 Month Leasing Services , Long Term Car Hire, 3-11 month Leases / hires & Special Offers do not include Insurance as standard, you will need to arrange a fully comprehensive policy prior to us supplying a car.

    When you arrange the insurance, the excess is determined by your insurer. We do however still require a damage & security bond / deposit, which is refundable on the return of the vehicle, providing the vehicle is returned within our fair wear and tear guidelines and no fines, penalties or other administration charges remain outstanding. In the event of your vehicle being damaged, you will need to pay for any repairs and claim the costs back from your insurer unless the damage is repaired prior to the car being returned to us at the end of your hire period. Any repairs to our vehicles must be completed to manufacturer standards at manufacturer approved repairers. 

    In the event of any damage occurring to the vehicle supplied to you, you must inform us as soon as is practical after it happens in order that proper repairs are completed. Manufacturer franchised dealer approved repairers must be used in all instances regardless of the type / level of repair required. Please keep copies of any repair bills and letter of guarantee from the repairer.

    Any minor damage (Alloy wheels, small dents, scratches etc.) should also be repaired to Manufacturer standards. It may be more economical to leave minor repairs to the end of the lease and allow us to repair them - price lists are available on request.


  • Vehicle Types

    We have a large selection of models and vehicle groups. See our Lease ConfiguratorMid Term or Long Term & Special Offers.

  • Breakdown

    In the event of a breakdown, you will find an emergency roadside assistance number displayed on the inside of the vehicle. Should you not be able to find the number in the car, please search on-line or contact us as we have staff on hand should you need further assistance - please call 0333 323 2670

  • EU Travel

    European use is permitted to most EU member states, you must however Contact Us and arrange this prior to your departure. Customers are responsible for travel insurance costs and European breakdown recovery for the vehicle and passengers. Additional charges may apply.

  • Payments

    We accept payments by most major credit / debit cards via our secure Sage Pay System as well as by Direct Debit. We do not accept payment by cheque or cash.

    Upon ordering a vehicle, once payment for your chosen vehicle is received, we will e mail you to confirm receipt of your payment and confirm delivery / collection instructions. Please note, once an order is confirmed, a cancellation fee will apply should you change your mind and decide not to proceed with the order. The cancellation fee is 60% of the monthly rate. A termination fee also applies once a contract commences, the details are on the contract agreement. 

    All prices on the site EXCLUDE VAT unless otherwise stated.

  • Fines & Other Charges

    Fines, PCNS, parking tickets and notices etc. will unfortunately incur additional charges to you due to the costs involved in processing these charges & making representation when required. Where required, we will pass your details to the relevant authorities, and we make an administration fee in all instances. The amount of the administration fee is specified on all contracts and is currently £35.00 including VAT. Payment for any fines and charges along with administration fees will be taken from the nominated credit / debit card, via Direct Debit or deducted from any deposit held at the termination of the lease / rental.

    If you wish to dispute any parking fines etc. you will have to take this up with the relevant company or authority, however, you will still be required to repay any costs incurred by ourselves regardless of any disputes you may have.

    We may at our discretion access data from the tracking devices / telematics units that may be fitted to our vehicles in the event a dispute arises. 

  • End of lease charges and inspections.

    Prior to the return / collection of your vehicle at the end of your lease, we will contact you to confirm any arrangements and discuss a replacement vehicle if required. Details of our fair wear and tear guidelines are on the origininal handover sheet left with you, and we can also provide these at any stage of the lease, along with our charges for most items of damage. Please also ensure that upon return to us / collection by us, your vehicle is cleaned and has the same amount of fuel in it as when collected from us / delivered to you.

    Prior to the return / collection of your vehicle, should you notice any damage to the vehicle, please advise us prior to its return - if you intend to have this repaired yourself, it must be completed to the vehicle manufacturers standards via a manufacturer approved repairer - should repairs that have been carried out not meet those standards, further charges including loss of use charges for the vehicle may be incurred.

    Where we have arranged to collect your vehicle, our collection drivers will carry out an initial assesment in order to ensure it is safe for them to drive back, and note any damage that is identifiable at the point of collection. Please note however, this is not an exhaustive check, and once returned to our locations, a full inspection of the vehicle will be carried out and you will be notified if any further damage is identified, along with the likely repair costs.

    Please note, our vehicles may be fitted with a tracking device which will notify us if a vehicle exceeds its permitted use or enters certain locations such as race circuits, vehicle repairers, ports etc. and we may access this information should a dispute arise. 



  • Contacting Us

    You may contact us by telephone on 0333 323 2670 - please note all calls to this number and any other numbers displayed on the website are recorded.

    Alternatively, use the contact us quick contact link and we will respond directly to you.

  • Will a credit score be required?

    Yes, we carry out full identity along with a soft credit check to assess the strength of your credit and potential risk status. This is a quick and easy process and you’ll be informed of the decision the same day.

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