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What is short-term car leasing ?

Short term car leasing is either a rolling 28 day hire agreement that can be set for periods of 1 to 2, 3 to 5 or 6 months, whereby you make pre-agreed fixed 28 day payments in advance (along with a deposit bond to cover damage or other charges).

Can I rent a car for a month?

The minimum period for a short term car leasing contract is 1 month (28 days for this type of hire) so yes, you can most definitely rent a car for a month from Cars on Demand. This for many is a popular option.

Can I rent a car for 12 or 24 months?

You can lease a car from 1 month all the way up to 24 months with an initial payment followed by a pre-agreed number of fixed monthly payments. Our products are services are not finance agreements and all vehicles remain our property during the term of the hire agreement, and no option to purchase the vehicle exists. 

Short term car leasing gives the option of having a vehicle for a shorter agreement length, a flexible solution with many benefits. Whether you need a vehicle in the interim of awaiting a factory order vehicle being built, or just looking for more flexibility and less commitment than traditional longer term leases - we can help. For more information about short-term car leasing view our FAQ's on the subject.

Benefits of Short Term Car Leasing & Long term Car Hire

Whether you are an established business with short term contracts to fulfill, a start up business with limited cash flow or an employee in need of a flexible transport solution, our 1 to 24 month lease arrangements are tailored to meet your needs. Benefits of short term leasing include:

  • flexible contracts from 28 days to 24 months
  • Up to 70% cheaper than daily car hire
  • Update / upgrade your vehicle more regularly
  • Available for both personal and business customers
  • Nationwide delivery and collection service
  • Free collection option
  • No long-term commitments

With low deposits, low monthly payments, flexible terms and no long term commitments, short term car leasing is an ideal solution for:

  • contractors & contract workers on temporary contracts
  • new recruits with a  qualifying  or probation period
  • start-up businesses
  • supplementing a larger fleet
  • replacing a pool fleet
  • employee recognition and reward
  • for those individuals that just like a change every few months

Long Term Car Hire

Long term car hire is flexible, convenient and extremely cost effective. Working from a basepoint of 28 days, long term car hire suits a customer that needs a car for a number of weeks or months as opposed to daily car hire, such as an overseas driver visiting the UK for a longer period or new employee. Essentially there is no difference between long term car hire and short term car leasing, it is simply two sets of jargon that people use to refer to the same thing. From a customers perspective, long term car hire works in the following way:

  1. All vehicles are divided into groups. You simply choose the group that suits your needs.
  2. Select the term and the monthly mileage to receive a quote.
  3. By having simple vehicle groups, companies like Cars on Demand are able to buy vehicles more competitively and pass on the savings directly to you.
  4. Visit our special offers page and Mid Term  or Long Term leasing pages for some specific car examples with fixed short term leases of 6 to 24 months.
  5. With a nationwide network of locations, we can arrange the supply of your chosen short term lease vehicle quickly and efficiently, often within 48 hours. 
  6. Insurance is not included, we can put you in touch with a broker or use your own. Subject to status, we may be able to provide a basic damage and third party provision for an extra cost.

As your chosen car is new or nearly new, it has breakdown cover, and maintenance may be included or available as an option - you then simply use the car provided until the end of the agreed term, and either return it, extend it or swap it for another car.

1 to 6 month car leases

1 or 6 month leasing allows you to choose from a vehicle group to suit your needs – with choices ranging from a small 3 door hatch to a high performance Supercar. Alternatively, you may choose a more specific vehicle from our special offers. We can meet virtually any requirement and offer the best choice in flexible leasing and contract hire. This type of contract duration is very popular for employees starting out at a company who need a vehicle in their work.

What is the average duration of short term car leasing?

According to customer research we've carried out over a 6 month timeframe (sample size = 625 contracts, 4.5 months is the average contract period. After the initial contract you can easily extend, hand back or choose another vehicle for minimum of 28 day increments.

If you wish to terminate your 1/3/6 month lease, after your chosen minimum period simply hand the vehicle back with absolutely no penalties – providing the car is not damaged and within the agreed mileage.

Long Term Car Leasing

Most long-term car lease deals are over a period of two to four years, an option which is not always ideal for many motorists / businesses.

Our current cheapest short term lease / contract hire deals are listed in the Mid Term and Long term sections. The length of contract and mileage included during the contract period are detailed. Further information about the cars can be found by clicking on the “information” bar. The prices listed exclude VAT and maintenance, however, as most of the cars are available for less than 12 months they would not normally require any servicing or other replacements, providing the inclusive mileage is not exceeded. We can of course offer you a maintenance package if required for further peace of mind. To enquire about any of the cars, simply click on “enquire” on each car that is of interest, an enquiry cart will then appear at the bottom right of your screen. Simply click on “edit / complete” and fill in your details. You will receive a quote via email to the address provided, along with details of how to progress to an order for your chosen car(s).


We include a choice of mileages at the commencement of the lease, simply choose the mileage suitable for you - either 1000, 1500 or 2000 per 28 days* . Should you exceed the included allowance, an excess mileage charge will be made for each mile in excess of the agreed mileage, the amount will be detailed on your lease agreement.


At the start of your lease, you will need to leave an damage excess bond, this is normally equivalent to 1 months lease. In the event of the car being returned with damage, you will be responsible for any charges relating to this. The total charges, minus the deposit will be due once the amounts are confirmed.


Cars on Demand do not arrange insurance with thing their leasing contracts, however your own insurers may do this or, to obtain a competitive motor insurance quote for your mini lease vehicle, click here. We may also be able to offer long term car rental with damage and third party cover included, contact us on 0333 323 2670 for a quick quote.

Please note, all prices on the site exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. Our agreements are for the hire of the vehcile for a pre agreed period of time and mileage, they are not finance agreements nor do we offer any form of vehicle finance or hire purchase.

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